Strategic Plan

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WSHA’s Mission:

The Washington State Hospital Association advocates for and provides value to members in achieving their missions and improving the health of their communities.

WSHA’s Vision:

Through leadership and collaboration, we strive for exceptional health outcomes in Washington communities by focusing on high quality, healthy communities, and sustainable cost.

Strategic Plan 2016–2018: Achieving the “Triple Aim” with Partners

Improve the Quality of Care & Experience of the Patient

  • Transform care to meet or exceed current national best practices in seven measures.
  • Improve ambulatory care tied to value-based purchasing measures, specifically: improve care for diabetes and early detection of breast cancer in rural settings; reduce opioid use in children; and increase antibiotic stewardship.
  • Expand statewide adoption of Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest.
  • Demonstrate improved care for women and babies while reducing cost.
  • Expand options for timely discharge placement and improve the process of discharge.
  • Partner with the Washington State Medical Association to reduce administrative burden on physicians and care providers, and increase focus on care for patients.
  • Expand WSHA public reporting to drive quality improvement.
  • Advance improvement of care with real-time safety alerts.
  • Advance the role of physician and clinical leadership to accelerate the transformation of care.

Increase the Health of the Population

  • In the face of possible federal changes, maintain access to health care for Washingtonians.
  • Advance early intervention for and integration of mental health care, and enact supportive public policy.
  • Advance health equity with REAL (Race, Ethnicity, Age and Language) data, and share best practices for a diverse and culturally competent work force.
  • Coordinate with Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) across the state to achieve hospitals’ and health systems’ goals in advancing the health of the population.
  • Reduce opioid addiction through changes in health care practices and public policy.
  • Provide tools to hospitals to ensure patients who need charity care and financial assistance get that help.
  • Bring member hospitals together to deliver meaningful and coordinated community benefits.
  • Improve population health by increasing immunization rates and advancing mother/baby care.
  • Explore the feasibility of increasing dental services in rural hospitals.

Ensure Viability for a Strong Health Care Delivery System

  • Advocate for payer support for patients who need acute care while hospitals transition to new payment models.
  • Take advantage of new opportunities to promote a reasonable regulatory environment for the future.
  • Increase the size, stature, and influence of the Washington Hospital PAC.
  • Develop and lobby for a new payment model for rural health care.
  • Advance “ER is for Emergencies” and reduction of readmissions.

WSHA Strong in 2018

Structure, services and programs that address the changing needs and composition of the WSHA membership.

  • Implement the new Board structure approved in 2015, including establishing the newly defined roles of standing committees.
  • Leverage inpatient and outpatient data and information to deliver value to WSHA members, initiatives (e.g. Patient Safety) and partners.
  • Determine and implement an integrated set of strategies for building and maintaining governance competencies needed for effective leadership into the future, and the sustainable model for moving this work forward.
  • Ensure hospitals and health systems have a strong image statewide.
  • Ensure WSHA has the skilled staff to address the needs of the future.
  • Create sustainable funding through Washington Hospital Services (WHS) programs and services that meet members’ expanding needs and interests.
  • Determine how to best utilize WSHA’s financial resources including capital in support of our strategic plan.
  • Improve efficiency of office operations.


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