Post-session bill updates

The 2018 legislative session is officially a wrap. Below you will find a final roundup of bills from session we opposed and that died and ones we supported and that passed.... Read More >>

Final 2018 compromise supplemental budget released

Lawmakers have released their compromise 2018 state supplemental budget. The budget is positive for hospitals, with increased funding for behavioral health and no proposed reimbursement cuts. WSHA has analyzed the budget. ... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Bills that have passed both chambers

We have now passed the cutoff for most bills to pass out of both the House and Senate, and bills that have passed both chambers are now headed for concurrence or to the governor for his action. We are pleased to report that bills WSHA supports, including SB 6273 (clarifying charity care), have passed both chambers. Many bills that WSHA opposed have died, including HB 1715 (nurse meals and breaks), SB 6015 (wrongful death) and HB 2114 (balance billing).... Read More >>

Major bills still alive after opposite chamber committee action cutoff

We have now passed the cutoff for most bills to make it out of committees in the opposite chamber, and we are heading into the final stretch of this year’s legislative session. We are happy to report that significant bills WSHA supports have made it through these deadlines and will now go to the floor for final action. ... Read More >>

House, Senate release budgets

The House and Senate have released their respective budgets. The good news is that there are no proposed cuts to hospitals in either budget.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Bills moving to the opposite house, harmful bills that have been stopped

Wednesday, February 14 was the cutoff for bills to be voted out of their house of origin and move to the opposite house for consideration. If a policy bill did not pass its house of origin, it is technically dead. Because bills can be amended, nothing is truly dead until the legislature adjourns. ... Read More >>

After the first cutoff: Bills still alive

It was an exciting week leading up to Friday’s cutoff for bills to be voted out of their original policy committee. To make it easy, we’ve listed all of the major bills we’ve been tracking. ... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: State charity care law improvements, informed consent, Ricky’s law and more

We are rapidly approaching the first cutoff of the year February 2. As a result, a lot of policy bills are getting hearings this week, and committee executive sessions are hard at work.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Funding for CHIP, collection of involuntarily detained patient information, telemedicine parity

WSHA's focus this week includes the State Children's Health Insurance Program, collection of involuntarily detained patient information, telemedicine parity and student loan repayment for rural physicians.... Read More >>

Flurries of filings and hearings

Bills continue to be written, introduced, revised and scheduled at a rapid pace. This week, we will testify on bills related to appropriate weapons policy, partnerships and affiliations and more.... Read More >>

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