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The Washington State Hospital Association and the hospitals in our state are working hard to ensure patient care is made even safer by becoming national leaders in quality.  As our hospitals work to improve quality and safety, we believe consumer involvement is important.

We’ve just launched a new and improved quality website to share information in a more consumer friendly way. You can visit the site at and check out our video about the importance of transparency to improving care in Washington State. 

Launching WSHA’s New Hospital Quality Website from Washington State Hospital Associ on Vimeo.

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The following links provide a wealth of information on the actions hospitals are taking to improve patient care in Washington State:

Information on Hospital Compare

Hospital Compare is a national quality initiative sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other national groups.  Click here for more information on CMS Hospital Compare.

Washington Hospitals – Saving Lives

Washington hospitals saved an additional 1,500 lives this year by implementing six interventions that are demonstrated to reduce mortality – that is four lives per day!

As national quality leaders, Washington was the first large state to have 100% participation in this national initiative.

“We have watched you in awe.  You are well ahead of many parts of the country. Hundreds and hundreds of patients have benefited from the work you have done.”

Donald Berwick
Institute for Healthcare Improvement President and CEO
May 30, 2006

Click here for information and resources and the national 100,000 Lives Campaign.

Hand Hygiene – Washington Hospitals Reducing Infections

Patient involvement can help us improve the safety and quality of care provided in our hospitals.  One area in particular patients can help with is hand hygiene.  Preventing infections is a major focus of hospitals across the state.  Infections can have a serious impact on patients and increase the length of hospital stays.  About twenty-five percent of infections can be reduced if all hospital staff, visitors, and physicians wash or sanitize their hands as they enter and leave patient rooms.  Patients can help to reduce infections by asking nurses, visitors, and physicians:

“Did you wash or sanitize your hands?”

Click here for more information about our hand hygiene program (direct to brochure information listed in text form).


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