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writing-104091_1920Decision Support is a team of analysts that work to take hospital and health care data and turn it into information that can be used for better decision making. Decision Support strives to build knowledge based on financial, utilization, and quality information. This knowledge supports WSHA’s patient safety, policy and advocacy work and helps tackle the challenges that face health care providers and systems in Washington State.

Annual Report Schedule

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Medicare Quality Programs Group Performance Summary

Medicare Quality Programs Hospital-Specific 1-Pager


Wage Index Data Analysis

Occupational Mix Data Analysis

March CAH DataBook
April Financial Indicators Analysis
May IPPS Proposed Rule

SNF PPS Proposed Rule

IRF PPS Proposed Rule

Wage Index Data Analysis

Occupational Mix Data Analysis

June IPF PPS Proposed Rule

LTCH PPS Proposed Rule

Hospital-Acquired Conditions Analysis

SNF VBP Analysis

July OPPS Proposed Rule

HH PPS Proposed Rule

Wage Index Data Analysis

Occupational Mix Data Analysis

S-10 Analysis

August IPPS Final Rule

SNF PPS Final Rule

IPF PPS Final Rule

Quality Measure Trends Analysis

Wage Index Reclassification Analysis

September IPF PPS Final Rule

LTCH PPS Final Rule

CAH DataBook

October Reference Guides for VBP, RRP and HAC
November Quality Measure Trends Analysis

Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary  Report

HH PPS Final Rule

December OPPS Final Rule

Hospital-Acquired Conditions Analysis

CAH VBP Analysis

Readmissions Reduction Program Analysis


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