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More and more, patients are making choices about where they choose to seek care, and are looking for the best value on two main factors: price and quality.

In 2007, WSHA developed a website to help consumers compare average charges between hospitals. This information is a useful tool for comparison purposes, because all hospitals are required by federal law to have a standard set of charges for procedures.

However, these charges cannot predict what a patient will actually pay for two reasons.

First, these are only average charges for procedures, which by definition means that sometimes it costs more and sometimes less, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the patient’s health.

Second, average charges doesn’t take into account any discounts—for example, the prices negotiated by your insurance company. And even if you are uninsured, you may be able to get financial assistance, which will change the amount you actually owe for your hospital bill.

If you still want to compare average charges between hospitals, visit

Cost shouldn’t be your only consideration.

We’ve all made the mistake of buying something on price alone, only to be disappointed on the quality. Visit to see how hospitals are doing based on dozens of quality measures.



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