Medical Officer Collaborative

Medical Officer Collaborative

At the request of members, WSHA and the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) have created a forum for medical leadership from across the state to collaborate on important topics of quality and leadership. The Medical Officer Collaborative offers members the opportunity to connect with other medical leaders to share experiences and work to improve practices.

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Call to Action Initiatives

The Medical Officers of Washington state collaborate on agreed upon Call to Action initiatives, which are health care quality and safety initiatives that will improve patient lives and healthcare delivery.

Leadership Pulse

Leader Pulse is a periodic e-newsletter jointly published by WSMA and WSHA, aimed at providing medical officers with valuable information, resources, and an opportunity to share information and insights on relevant topics. Leader Notes will consist of pertinent themes focusing on interest areas for leadership, quality, patient safety, healthcare policy, hot issues and best practice.

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Swap Ideas, Ask Questions on WSHA/WSMA Medical Officer E-list

The Medical Officer e-list is a collection of electronic discussion groups where members discuss topics of interest by receiving and posting messages on the computer mailing list server. The WSHA/WSMA Medical Officer e-list is intended to foster increased unity, collaboration and cooperation among Medical Officers in Washington State.

Medical Officer Welcome Packet

This joint publication of the Washington State Medical Association and the Washington State Hospital Association provides new medical officers with information about useful resources.

Welcome Packet


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